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a bit about me:

I'm a mother of four, farmer's wife and small-town girl.  I was born and raised in a rural area and love the sense of community and pull-together attitude that resonates from it.  I enjoy putting out information so that people can make informed decisions for themselves.

I sometimes hesitate to publish my thoughts because the keyboard warriors come out and nit-pick over the little things. Spelling errors, wrong tenses, the number is .03, not .034; you would never use XYZ in this case, the government did do this - if you dig through the transcript of blank and blank on this date, etc...


These are my suggestions, my writings, my thoughts; I put them out for discussion purposes, not argument creation. Discuss away with your circle but I do not debate online.

Feel free to send me suggestions but harassment or hatred will be blocked.


For further information on this, check out my article on "Brave & Safe from Behind the Computer", coming next.

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