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Doing the Pandemic Differently

Doing the Pandemic Differently
​About a 10 minute read

Things we could have done differently for the pandemic are;

  • Protection of the vulnerable

  • Lockdown of senior facilities and staff

  • Clear, concise communication

  • Government pay cuts

  • Tax breaks

  • Sharing of good practices

  • Same rules across the board

  • Rapid testing

  • Open drug availability

An Albertans Words about Covid

About a 12 minute read

Mr. Kenney ran a smart, tight, fully laid out campaign race to win the PC leadership and then the United Conservative head spot. But as he has progressed in office, it seems to be going to his head that he was elected with a large majority. I feel he thinks himself infallible. However, the captain of this ship will take the ship, himself and the party down with him if he doesn’t start actually listening to Albertans.

Isolating Our
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