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The Isolating of Our Children

February 28, 2021

Dr. J. Gateman

"Even if your child shows no symptoms.", I want you to reread that, "even if the child is exhibiting no symptoms.". New recommendations coming out of southern Ontario are causing serious concerns among both parents and mental health officials. These documents are instructing parents to ISOLATE their children if a classmate has tested positive for Covid 19. Now by isolate, I mean stay separated from their own family. These steps are to be followed, not if they have tested positive, just if someone in their class tests positive.

Even if the child is exhibiting no symptoms, parents are to separate their child from the rest of the family. They are to sleep, eat and even use a separate bathroom for 14 days. These guidelines are even for child-care-age children.

Can you imagine separating your 4-year-old from the entire household, isolating them from the rest of the family for two weeks? Less than a year ago, this would have been considered child abuse; now, the government wants you to believe this is for the betterment of public safety and if you do not comply, it's a 5000 dollar fine. The health officials in charge have gone crazy!

Separating children in this manner will produce lasting, significant mental issues. There is no question on this, but government officials are doubling down on; "we must do what is best for all Canadians in keeping them safe from the virus."

Regulations like this are outrageous, and it falls on the heels of a Liberal MP stating, "All women deserve to live a life free of violence and with dignity, but these orders are for the safety of all Canadians and will remain in effect. A response to a question about a woman sexually assaulted in a required Covid hotel stay after returning home with an unaccepted negative test. Since when do we have a "but" behind any comment that talks about sexual assault?

Sacrificing livelihoods and travellers seems acceptable to some people, but this sacrifice, isolating children, should be unacceptable to everyone.

It brings me to tears to think of telling my sons; whether they be the 22, 20 or 5 years old, that they must eat away from us, use a separate bathroom, and wear a mask anytime they leave their designated space. It is absolutely appalling!

This handout has been widely distributed within Ontario schools. Many parents think they are doing the best thing for their children by following rules they see coming from authority figures.

And other siblings in the household? Well, they must stay home from school or daycare on top of being separated from their siblings. Not only is this not practical in most family homes, but it would also be quite traumatic for all household members. Imagine, you are not supposed to hug or hold your child if they're upset or sad, even if they are not exhibiting symptoms. These regulations are absurd, unscientific and inhuman.

We have moved so far away from healthcare fundamentals in the last year; virus understanding, quality of life equations, mental healthcare, "do no harm," etc. It is preposterous to have children who are not in any way ill, subject to these rules. There will be a healthcare crisis in this province, but it won't come from covid, and the people in office are ignoring it. A virus has killed people, the same as it does every year, but the deaths caused by trying to battle a virus by throwing out all the parameters used before are huge in numbers. Pushing regulations like these are irresponsible and will cause more deaths than the virus ever records.

© 2021 Dr. J. Gateman

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